What is Click Fraud?

Click fraud refers to illegitimate clicks on Pay-Per-Click ads that result in increasing the cost of advertising without return or benefit to the advertiser.

What can FraudID do about this?

FraudID technology was developed to identify and assist in the prevention of fraudulent PPC activities. By tracking end user information from the initial search to the eventual click of your actual listing we can detect the following types of Click Fraud through an extensive set of rules:

BOT Clicks
Incentive Clicks
Affiliates can create programs that run in the background and generate clicks to various keywords. Often, these programs are difficult to detect due to their ability to falsify logged information, such as IP or user agent.  
Search engine website affiliates are paid every time someone clicks on a PPC link posted on their page. Dishonest affiliates generate returns for themselves by directing counterfeit traffic to your site, often doing so in groups.
Competitor Clicks

Your competitors may be clicking on your Pay-Per-Click Search Engine listings. We can help you detect and eliminate this activity.


How does FraudID help you?

You don’t need to blindly accept traffic from your Pay-Per-Click ads anymore. FraudID can provide you the reports you need to effectively analyze this activity, and distinguish all click fraud that you most likely already receive. Some industry sources claim the cost of click fraud may range anywhere from 5-20% of total online sales. FraudID can provide you the information you need to improve your campaigns and margins, while assisting the search engines you work with in locating fraudulent traffic sources